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Voluntary suspension

2 May 2012

Further to the trading halt requested by the Company on 30 April 2012, Firestone Energy Limited ("FSE" or the "Company") requests that it be placed into voluntary suspension of its securities with immediate effect as the Company is not yet in a position to announce the proposed capital restructuring to the market.

In accordance with ASX listing rule 17.2, the Company advises that:

  • it is seeking voluntary suspension pending an announcement on the capital restructuring of the Company and FSE considers that it will be in a position to make the announcement by no later than open of trade on Monday 7 May 2012 ;
  • the event that the Company expects will end the voluntary suspension is the release of an announcement in relation to the capital restructuring of the Company;
  • it is not aware of any reason why the voluntary suspension should not be granted; and
  • it is not aware of any information necessary to inform the market about the suspension."

The Company has therefore requested the JSE to also suspend the trading in the Company’s securities until an announcement is published which is expected to be no later than Monday, 7 May 2012.

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